The next normal

You’ll know you’re at the “next normal” when you’re getting the same work done — building your brand, attracting customers and clients, communicating with impact and intention — as you were before COVID-19 hit the pause button. In other words, business as usual, however unusual the process.

Well… this is truly usual

It’s important to remember this isn’t your first rodeo. No matter how many times you hear the word “unprecedented” recently, global crises are not without precedent. If you’re still standing, chances are you weathered the 2009 global financial meltdown and possibly even the 2000 Dot Com bubble (we had front-row seats to both). Have heart, we’re going to get through this.

Covid Not Business as Usual

The next normal

What’s required right now are cool heads and common courage. There’s opportunity in chaos for those that keep a weather-eye on the horizon and adapt their business strategies rather than pull in the sails. Too many businesses have lost their voice during the pandemic, muddying their brand message tossing out non-specific bleats about “caring” and offering empty promises.

Covid - The Next Normal

Step forward

Our promise to you is that your customers and clients still want to better their lives and build brighter futures — and brands that point the way will be embraced. Gilmour Craves is ready to help your brand step forward when so many others are taking a time out.

Covid - Step Forward

Taking action:

A brand’s relationship with its customers has never been more important. Don’t go dark, customers want to hear from you. Trusted companies and brands provide another resource for information–they need and will sometimes demand a point of view.

Rethinking media and message


CRM/Email campaigns

Custom landing pages

Online events

Social media

This situation is new for everyone. Please know that we’re keeping an ear to the ground so we can provide the best solutions possible during this challenging time. One thing that we’ve learned and that we truly believe is that human behavior, whether social or consumer-based, will be forever altered. Some bad, some good. We’re learning as we go, and we’re doing our best to help our clients weather the storm.

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