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Merger and acquisitions are complicated affairs. In the spring of 2020, three best-in-class companies merged to form SpaceIQ, an integrated workplace management software company. What made this marriage work on paper was the minimal business overlap among the respective companies; SpaceIQ, Serraview, and Archibus. Each company was an industry leader in their own respective space. The primary points of difference (and potential cause for friction) was disparate time in the marketplace, cultural considerations, and the scale of their client base that range in size from Uber to the European Space Agency. Adding another layer of complexity, Serraview and Archibus had recently joined forces and gone through the process of a thorough re-branding exercise 18 months prior to this merger. Our assignment was to help reconcile these differences through consensus building, consideration for legacy branding, and developing a new brand strategy that reflected and visually expressed the values of the newly formed company.


Through extensive leadership interviews and participation, Gilmour Craves and agency partner Alex Loomis established the essential brand building blocks and overarching brand strategy. Visual expressions followed and included reconciling legacy assets. The result is company-wide consensus and extensive brand standards that provides exacting guidance and tangible assets for the new SpaceIQ brand identity.

  • Leadership interviews
  • Brand strategy and identity development
  • Brand standards and expressions
  • Templatized digital and print assets
  • Copywriting services
  • Motion graphics
  • Account management






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